About Civil Liability

1.1.1 Civil liability related to third parties

Our actions or the actions of our children (or those who are under our fostering) often times can affect third parties, and unintentionally result in material or body damage.

The general civil liability insurance in relation to third parties shall protect from these unintended and unforeseen damages. The protected persons shall be: you, your family (husband/wife, minor children) and other persons for which one has legal liability (wardship).

The Insurer shall additionally pay for you and the legal expenses if this was the only way the exact caused damage could be established.

1.1.2 Liability of the employer towards employees

A company/ Employer is responsible towards employees in the situations they suffered from work accidents or suffered damage caused to their goods, employer’s negligence in failing to comply with the legislation related to the labor protection. The Insurer shall cover the costs your company should bear as follows:

  • For bodily injuries, there are covered the expenditures necessary for rehabilitating the health of employees who suffered from work accidents or expenditures related to their decease (are included and their maintenance pensions the inheritors are entitled to);
  • Damages produced to employee’s goods – are compensated the expenditures necessary for repairing the goods of employees or replace them;
  • Legal expenses, in cases when for settling the insurance claims called on the court and the court charged you to pay the compensation.

1.1.3 Liability of the producer

Based on the legislation in force the person is responsible if the products produced and/or sold by your company have hidden vices or production faults and the final consumer of those products suffer damages of bodily injuries nature/deaths or damages caused to other goods. At the same time, if you or your company delivered products that were not accordingly packed or were not accompanied by correct and complete operating instructions and the beneficiaries suffered damages you shall be obliged by the affected persons to pay the damage occurred. In this case your Insurer shall cover  the costs your company shall bear as follows:

  • For bodily injuries;
  • For damages cased to customer’s goods;
  • Legal expenditures, in cases when for settling the insurance claims called on the court and the court charged you to pay the compensation;

1.1.4 Civil liability of the Service Supplier

You as a provider/supplier of services assume both legally and contractually responsibilities towards Beneficiaries of your activity. The responsibility is assumed on goods of Clients and on their bodily integrity.  In case their health/bodily integrity/life or patrimony are damaged you shall suffer a financial loss because you are obliged to repair the damage. The scope of cover of this insurance is very extended. For detailing it please contact a Safety Broker consultant.

If you concluded a Civil Liability of Service Supplier Insurance contract the Insurance company shall pay for you:

  • For bodily injuries produced to Clients/their delegated persons, necessary expenditures for restoring their health, death expenditures or maintenance pensions for inheritors;
  • For damages caused to Client’s goods it shall be paid the expenditures necessary for bringing them to the initial phase or replace them;
  • Legal expenditures, in case for the settlement of the insurance claims it was called on the court and the court charged you as a service supplier to pay the compensation.