About Agriculture

Insurance of agricultural crops assumes the compensation of quantitative production losses.


The objects are crops of cereals, vegetables, vineyards, fruit trees/bushes and hops.


  • fire, direct effect of torrential rains, storm or windstorm, hail
  • direct effects of landslides and ground collapses, early autumn frost, late spring frost. In certain conditions, a drought can also be insured.


The insured amount can represent the value of production expenditures or value of products.

The following cases are excluded and are not compensated:

– if the information about damage was not provided within maximum 3 days from the day the insured event occurred;

– production losses occurred due to failure to respect the technological process;

– damage caused to crops due to late harvesting, etc.

The mentioned franchise is deducted from insurance compensation, franchise that represents a percent of the total insured amount of the entire insured surface or from the insured amount of the damaged surface.


Object of insurance

Sheep, pigs, cattle, buffaloes, horses, farmed fish, beehives and hives

Insured risks

For death or slaughtering by necessity as a result of the below mentioned risks the compensation is granted:

– surgical/obstetrical/internal diseases;

– accidents produced inside and outside the shelter;

Depending on the insurance company, these risks may be extended.

Amount insured

At one’s own risk is declared and can represent the real value established per animal capita resulted from invoices/ purchase PV according to the accounting documents or market value established alive/kg, depending on the species, race, age, condition of maintenance etc.

There are a series of situations (exclusions) for which the insurer does not give compensations among which is good to remind:

– death of animals as a result of use of the open fire or smoking, use of improvised equipment for illumination, heating, ventilation;

– lack of mandatory vaccination and/or failure to undergo treatments ordered by the sanitary veterinary authorities for prevention or combatting infectious and contagious diseases or parasitical purposes;

– deaths/ slaughtering by necessity, the sanitary veterinary authorities were not informed to about within the terms of notice;

– failure to inform the sanitary veterinary authority, within the legal terms, about any changes appeared in animals’ health.

It is good to know that from the compensation amount the following are deducted: value of recovered/reimbursable meat, franchise, value of technological losses established and mentioned in the insurance contract.