About Buildings and Property

One of the first things a person should think about when he/she has its own business is to protect the space where the working activity is conducted. Thus, insurance of the building and its contents offers the peace of mind he/she needs in order to focus on the business and plans.

Together, we can create an insurance program that suits your business so that you can benefit from optimal protection as you required. Starting with basic risks covered by such a insurance and then include the special appropriate clauses.

Standard coverage includes:


  1. FLEX

– Fire

– Lightning

– Explosion

– Falling of airplanes, parts of them, transported objects or impact with them

  1. Atmospheric phenomena and natural disasters: earthquakes, floods and alluviums, storms, tempests, hail, collapse and/or landslide, snow and/or ice weight, strikes from the outer side by automobile, sonic boom, snow avalanche, accidental fall of bodies (trees, poles), strikes and civil disturbances
  2. Burglary and robbery
  3. Vandalism

Advantages of concluding a contract on insuring the buildings and goods through a SAFETY BROKER:

  • We negotiate directly with the Insurer in order to obtain the best deals for your company;
  • We monitor your entire company portfolio and notify you about due instalments, expiration dates, assistance in case of damage;
  • In case of a damage appearance, we ensure you with assistance for settling the insurance claims.


Additional clauses are as a personalized supplement to the insurance program:

– Fragile goods (thus the broken windows are covered, glass doors, etc. as a result of any type of accidents)

– Flood caused by water pipeline

– Accidental leakage of water from fire extinguishers

– Vandalism without burglary

– Damages to building installations

Depending on the field in which you operate, it could be useful and the additional clauses mentioned below for the assets owned which most often represent the main means via which you operate:

– Accidental damage to machinery and equipment (pumps, compressors, reservoirs, transformers, turbines, etc.)

– Electronic equipment (computers, scanners, fax machines, medical equipment, etc.)

By any of the two above-mentioned clauses, there are covered the cases of negligence, inappropriate handling, operating errors, over voltage. It is also possible to conclude an independent insurance for such equipment with all risk coverage.

Main exclusions

Another very important aspect of an insurance is represented by the exclusions from the insurance conditions. Among the most important the following are mentioned:

– War, rebellion, revolution, terrorism

– Confiscation, nationalisation, expropriation

– Radiation, pollution, radioactive contamination

– Acts committed intentionally by the insured

– Damages occurred during the period in which any of the notifications/legal permits/ necessary for conducting the activity of the Insured are suspended/cancelled/withdrawn/expired or do not exist

– Indirect damages, such as the reduction of the good’s value after reparation, fall of the price of the goods, delays in the delivery of the goods

– damages caused to that part of the insured goods on which it is directly worked, resulting from this action or caused by any test, reparation, adjustment, service or maintenance operation

– unexplained loss, mysterious disappearance

– Errors or omissions in design or execution, defects or hidden vices existing at the date of the insurance commencement date, by the Insured or his/her representatives

– damages caused by progressive degradation and deterioration: abrasion, fermentation, oxidation, corrosion, erosion, damage caused by infiltration or capillarity, soil compaction, trepidation, other damage due to slow-moving phenomena