• we are on the market since 2013;
  • We are an independent insurance broker with private capital that operates in the Republic of Moldova and in Romania;

Mission: to develop through innovation and entrepreneurial excellence;

Vision: To understand and satisfy clients’ needs, offering them services of insurance, adapted to their needs, obtained through the attentive selection of offers from market, through the thorough verification of all clauses and contractual conditions;

Objectives: to invest permanently in people, creating new tendencies, new co-brand products that would punctually ensure certain risks and contribute thus, together with our partners, to the development of the market and security of our clients;

Values: Devotion, responsibility, integrity and respect, empathy and support are the VALUES that define us.

We care about your safety and we make everything with sense of responsibility. We are ambitious, firm, and consequent when we speak about objectives. We are correct, transparent, we respect our promises and we offer respect before asking it. We encourage the good ideas and we promote the initiatives.