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About Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance can be purchased online, you receive the policy via e-mail, the service is active 24/24, online payment only with the bank card.

This type of insurance is designed for persons who travel outside the territory of the Republic of Moldova, alone or in groups, for personal or work interests.

Although travel insurance is not required upon exit from the country it is useful and recommended because:

  • costs of emergency medical treatment following a sudden illness or accident (includes costs for: drugs, diagnosis and hospitalization);
  • repatriation costs for continuing treatment in the country;
  • repatriation of the body in case of death;
  • Expenses for the ambulance service transportation to the nearest hospital or nearest doctor;
  • Emergency surgical treatment;
  • dental emergency treatment;

Additionally, the travel insurance may cover:

  • loss of luggage, damage of electronic equipment, cancellation of travel, etc.

NOTE: Insurance coverage is valid in the foreign countries mentioned in the insurance as well as in the transit countries. The liability of the Insurer begins on the date mentioned in the insurance, but not before crossing the border and ceases at the expiration date or from the moment the Insured person crosses the border back in the Republic of Moldova.

No compensation is paid for:

– chronic illnesses and their consequences as well as illnesses or accidents that the insured person caused intentionally or by committing a crime or as a result of the consumption of alcohol, drugs or medicine;

– illnesses or accidents resulting from the war and similar events or active participation in rebellion, suicide, suicidal intent, self-injure;

– psychiatric treatment or psychotherapeutical;

– psychiatric or psychotherapeutic treatment;

– pregnancy;

– expenditure incurred for the procurement, replacement or reparation of prostheses of any kind and/or sight glasses;

– surgical interventions or medical treatments that can be postponed until the Insured person returns to the country;

– medications or medical treatments required to be administered or granted during the travel abroad and which were known or prescribed before the commencement of the travel;