On the basis of insurance, general conditions, special clauses attached to the insurance and in exchange of insurance premium cashed , the Insurers ensure the registered/recorded vehicles in the Republic of Moldova, owned/used by persons who have their domicile/residence/headquarters in the Republic of Moldova, against the damages appeared as a result of risks below mentioned. The quality of owner or user has to result from the identity card of therein vehicle, from a contractual legal relationship (rent, leasing, bailment etc) concluded with the legal owners.

– Fire/Lightning/ Explosions/ fall of objects on the ensured vehicle, of some parts of therein or of the transported objects or impact with them, except for the explosive devices;

– natural calamities – events caused by the following natural calamities: earthquake; storm; floods caused by natural reasons; landslides; atmospheric phenomena; hail, hurricane; weight of the snow layers, ice or avalanche;

Additionally to these risks it can be added:

– clashes, impacts or strikes with other vehicles, animals or with any other movable or immovable bodies located outside or inside the insured vehicle, scratches, vehicle falls  (fall in a precipice, fall in the water on transhipment purpose, fall because of bridge collapse), fall of bodies on the vehicle, skids or overthrows, except for the damages produced exclusively to glazed surfaces. For insuring the cracks, fissure, shattering and/or scratch of glazed surfaces, even if the insured risks didn’t occur it can exist a clause;

– the damages produced by the action of animals (e.g.: action of rodents, etc);

– total theft (integral theft of the vehicle);

– house breaking and /or theft – damages of any type caused to the vehicles as a result of theft or attempt of house breaking and/or theft;

– Vandalism – window breakings, cuts of tyres, external surfaces scarves, etc.

Usually, the events produced on the road or areas prohibited for public traffic, including in agricultural fields, are covered only for the vehicles specially designed and meant for traffic on such roads;

Damages produced to the vehicle by:

– war (declared or not), invasion or action of an outer enemy, civil war, rebellion, revolution, revolt, insurrection, military dictatorship, conspiracy, strikes, civil disorders, terrorism;

– Confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation, repurchase, sequestration, destruction or tampering through the order of any lawful government or action, or any public authority;

– atomic explosion, radiations or radioactive infestations appeared as a result of use of atomic energy or fissionable materials;

– pollution or contamination of any kind and for any reason.

– the accident was produced with intention by the Insured or its agents;

– insurance claim is fraudulent or is grounded on false statements;

– the vehicle didn’t have a valid registration or, only in the case of vehicles purchased directly from the producers or dealers from Romania, an authorization of valid circulation;

– in relation to the accident, it was initiated a criminal investigation, until its completion;

– in the moment the accident was produced, the vehicle was driven or operated by a person without a valid driving license for that category of vehicle, or after the driving license was withdrawn, cancelled or held up for cancellation purpose, or as a result of suspending the right of driving, in case of vehicles and/or equipment with special destination  no compensation is provided if therein were driven or operated by a person who didn’t have the training, certification and right to drive such vehicles and/or equipment;

– the accident was produced when the vehicle is driven under the influence of alcoholic drinks or psychotropic substances, as well as during the time of commission of some actions incriminated as offences by legal provisions on public road traffic, even if these actions were not caused on such roads, or during the commission of other offences;

– the Insured person or its agents committed intended offences or during the time they, authors of an offense committed with intention, tried to avoid the criminal investigation;

– cases when the person included in the insurance favoured the occurrence of insured risks or diminished the possibility of reducing their consequences.

The Insurer is exempted from the payment of compensation when the damage is a consequence of:

  1. a) a malfunction if, periodical technical inspection (PTI) of the vehicle was expired on the date the insured event occurred and the event occurred during the time the vehicle was in motion;
  2. b) Transformations, improvisations, unauthorized by the manufacturer adjustments, reparations and/or interventions executed by the unauthorized persons.